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Our Last Family Vacation Before the Rainy Season Officially Started

Our Last Family Vacation Before the Rainy Season Officially Started

Before the official start of the rainy season in the Philippines was declared (June 10) and before school started for my nephews and nieces (oh, and for me too!) our family went to Tagaytay for our last out-of-town summer trip this year. Despite the erratic rainfall on the road, we experienced fine weather when we… 

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Pushing the 'Reset' Button: Starting Over

Pushing the ‘Reset’ Button: Starting Over

Back in 2009, I was asked by a panelist in a job interview, “How long do you intend to work for the company?” Without giving it much thought and not realizing how powerful the words we utter can be, I answered, “Five years.” It would have been my fifth anniversary in July, but today, the… 

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Sarah’s Minnie Mouse Themed 2nd Birthday Party

Sarah turned two years old last Sunday! We were able to celebrate her birthday with a Minnie Mouse themed party at a Jollibee outlet. The party decor, trinkets and treats (except for the cake) were lovingly prepared by Sarah’s mom.


Sarah’s Instagram Photo Got Us a Tote Bag!

We were at the Payless ShoeSource outlet in Robinson’s Magnolia last Sunday checking out some, err, shoes. Seeing the floor sticker at the shop inviting patrons to take a photo of their shoe choice, I decided to take a photo of Sarah wearing her cute pink sandals.

Springpad Shuts Down

I was going to log in to my Springpad account to work on a blog post and was surprised to see a message saying it is shutting down on June 25. I had no clue this app that I’ve been using for years is heading towards this bitter fate. I’ve found Springpad very useful and… 

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