Welcome to the Refreshed Quingdom.com!

by Quing Obillos

So we meet again, my dear readers! It’s nice to be back after that mandatory break for the makeover of this site. I want to welcome all of you to my revamped space on the internet! Let me know how you like the new look! To be honest, I think this is the prettiest this site has ever been.

To first time visitors, I am delighted to have you here on my blog, and may you enjoy your time here.

Along with the new appearance, I am thrilled to announce that I am taking this blog to a new level by producing video logs, or more popularly known as vlogs! In line with this, allow me to invite you to my Youtube channel – Quingdom Broadcast!

I have also renamed some of my blog categories to match my vlog segments: Edible Encounters for videos related to food, Wired This Way for tech and gadgets content, Out of the Suitcase for our favorite travel entries, and Life on Q for the lifestyle segment (read: everything that doesn’t fall on the two other categories. Haha!).

I will try my best to update as often as possible, so I hope to see you here just as often, too! You may get in touch with me through the contact form or through Facebook Messenger for chit-chat or if you have questions. Please remember to subscribe to the blog so you’ll be notified of new content.

Stay awesome!

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