All You Can Eat Dim Sum at Jasmine

by Quing Obillos

For the longest time, my sister and I had been planning to go on an all you can eat dim sum, but it was only yesterday that we were able to do so. We invited our parents to join us (our treat!) as it was the ideal time to have a celebratory lunch and spend time with family. We decided to go to Jasmine at the New World Hotel in Makati for their all you can eat dim sum.


The ambiance of Jasmine is to die for. From the moment you enter its premises, you can already feel the oriental opulence it stands for. Its understated elegance and the vast dining hall will make you feel welcome and relaxed to enhance your dining experience.

Jasmine at the New World Hotel

They have a wide variety of dim sum offerings that will truly satisfy your cravings. Jasmine’s all you can eat experience is not limited to dim sum only. You can also have unlimited servings of Yeung chow fried rice, congee, and noodles to complement your dim sum selections. A few main course items are also included in the all you can eat menu.

If I might add, the dining staff of Jasmine is something they can take pride in. They are friendly, attentive and very eager to serve.

Our experience in Jasmine is one that filled our stomachs and our hearts.

Xiao Long Bao
Shao Mai

If the photos aren’t making you hungry yet, watch this short feature on Jasmine all you can eat dim sum.

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